Blink Mini Camera Review: Price, Specs, Set up

blink mini camera review

The Blink mini Camera has gained some popularity due to its appealing specifications and user-friendly design. We will discuss its core attributes and we’ll see if it truly lives up to its growing reputation. Specs and Quality The Blink Mini Camera contains numerous specifications, making stand as a strong contender within the home security market. … Read more

Blink Floodlight Camera: Price, Specs, Set up

Blink Floodlight Camera

The Blink Floodlight Camera is a wireless, battery-powered security camera with two built-in floodlights. It can be used to monitor your home both day and night, and it can be controlled using the Blink app on your smartphone or tablet. Specs and quality Pros & Cons Pros: Cons: Price The Blink Floodlight Camera costs \$199.99. … Read more